Priest’s Benefit Fund

2017 Priest Benefit Collection
This Fund supports the needs of our retired priests and those suffering from long-term illnesses.  The Diocese is in a similar position as many other Dioceses’ who have not had the ability to set aside sufficient funds to meet the long-term retirement benefit payments/budget.  The Diocese has continued to sustain positive growth in the fund over the last thirteen (13) years, which has much to do with the generosity and donations of parishioners.  We ask you to please give generously to this annual special collection for our priests. 

We will be having a Special Collection for the Priest Benefit Fund on the weekend of June 17 & 18, 2017, at all Masses.

This year we are also introducing a new way that you can contribute to the Priest Benefit Fund, online at our diocese’s new website;

We thank you for your generosity.