Bishop Barron – Mini Courses

Exciting News from Word on Fire

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce that “Word on Fire” has partnered with “Flocknote”, a powerful Catholic communication tool.

Thousands of parishes, dioceses, schools, and ministries use Flocknote to email and text their followers, and to increase engagement. Flocknote is a premiere tool for digital evangelization and I’m proud to join forces with them.

Our first project together includes the all-new “Bishop Barron Mini-Courses”.  After hearing from many pastors and parishes about how difficult it is to form parishioners during the week, in between Sundays, we decided to help.  So we put together five FREE mini-courses that any Church leader can send to their flock, all with just a couple clicks:

In each course, I teach on one important topic, such as God, prayer, or the Church, over the span of 3-5 lessons. The lessons each include a short video clip from the CATHOLICISM series, a short description, and 1-2 reflection questions. The lessons are short, simple, but very powerful.

The best part? The lessons don’t require any log-ins, passwords, accounts, or downloads. Parishioners just open the email or text message, click the link, and start watching.

As of today, the mini-courses are available FREE in every Flocknote account. So, any parish, school, or ministry can schedule and send these courses to their group with just a couple clicks. All the hard work is done for you!

If your parish or group doesn’t yet use Flocknote, click here to get started today. Flocknote itself is a paid tool, but it’s free for groups of less than 40 people. That means any small youth group, Bible study, ministry, or organization can create a new Flocknote account and start sending these mini-courses to their group, all for FREE!