baptismBaptismal Guidelines

We support your decision to have your child baptized here at the
Cathedral of St. Peter-in- Chains.
Please review the information given below.

1. Parents/Guardians may request permission for baptism by phone.

2. It is presumed, that by making the request for baptism of their child, parents/guardians are making their best effort to attend Sunday Eucharist regularly and support the Church financially.

3. If parents/guardians belong to another Parish, they are required to present to us a letter of permission from their Parish Priest.

4. Parents are asked to attend a Baptismal Preparation catechesis at a time arranged with the Priest.

5. It is liturgically appropriate to celebrate Baptism during the Sunday Eucharist, where the faith community is gathered together for worship. However, baptism can be celebrated outside of Mass. Please arrange with the Priest.

6. Baptism Application forms must be completed and handed to the Priest after attending the Baptismal Preparation course.

Should you need to talk privately to the Priest, please do not hesitate to call and make an appointment. God Bless.

Baptismal Application Form

Cathedral of St. Peter-in-Chains,
411 Reid St., P.O. Box 175, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8


Childs Full Name: __________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________________

Place of Birth: ________________________


Father’s Full Name: ___________________________________

Religion: ______________________

Mother’s Name & Maiden name: ________________________________

Religion: ______________________

Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number/Contact Number: ________________________________________________________

Are you Married in the Catholic Church? YES / NO

If yes, name and place of Church: ______________________________________________________

Are you a registered Parishioner of the Cathedral of St. Peter-in-Chains? YES / NO

Would you be grateful enough to use Offertory envelopes or Pre-Authorized Payments for the regular support of St. Peter-in-Chains? YES / NO

GODPARENTS: (At least ONE Godparent must be a practicing Catholic)
Those designated as Godparents must be practicing Catholics, and must have received
the 3(three) sacraments of Initiation: Baptism; 1st Eucharist; Confirmation, and be living
a life consistent with the faith.

Godparent’s Full Name: ____________________________________

Catholic? YES / NO

Godparent’s Full Name: ____________________________________

Catholic? YES / NO

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _________________

Intended Date of Baptism: ________________________________________ Confirmed: YES / NO

PLEASE NOTE: a/ Confirm the date
b/ An offering of $50 for the Church is greatly appreciated, however,
should you be unable to afford, do not worry
c/ Please BE ON TIME. Thank you.